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Furniture Store K41 Furniture Store K41 Rug' Society
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Hudson Armchair HUDSON ARMCHAIR DISCOVER MORE Straight out of a mid-century dream. k41 | BOCA DO LOBO | Heritage Sideboard HERITAGE SIDEBOARD DISCOVER MORE In order to honor the Portuguese hand painted tiles tradition. k41 | BRABBU | Otter Sofa OTTER SOFA DISCOVER MORE Transmit both comfort and grandiosity. k41 | BOCA DO LOBO | Pietra Oval Dining Table PIETRA OVAL NERO DISCOVER MORE Playing with function and sculptural form. k41 | RUG’SOCIETY | Snake Rug SNAKE 8 RUG DISCOVER MORE The snake symbolizes life force, renewal, sensuality, light, darkness and mystery. Supernova Chandelier SUPERNOVA CHANDELIER DISCOVER MORE Born from the cataclysmic explosion of a massive star. k41 | Buster and Punch BUSTER + PUNCH DISCOVER MORE K41 - official representative of the Buster + Punch brand

If an artisan decides to create something, that piece is unique, that’s why Furniture Store K41 decided to value the craftsmanship and spread artisans’ art by offering a curated selection of contemporary designs in order to boost the creativity of the interior design community.

Furniture Store K41 brings together six fantastic brands, each of which stands out for its unique and exceptional style: Boca Do Lobo, Brabbu, Buster + Punch, Delightfull, Essential Home and Rug’Society.

Furniture Store K41
Furniture Store K41
Furniture Store K41
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